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3897 Arthur Road
Inverary, Ontario


Sonset Farm

              "We don't inherit the land from our parents-                                       we borrow it from our children"

              "We don't inherit the land from our parents-                                       we borrow it from our children"

"It is our goal on Sonset Farm to create a sustainable agricultural system. We farm with daily consciousness of the interconnectedness of plants, animals and human beings. Through this philosophy of working in harmony with nature, we are keeping the soil alive and flourishing to provide our family and yours with nutritious whole foods. Our organic farming practices include the use of a diverse mixture of plants in field rotation, use of green manure crops and composted manure from our own livestock, careful tillage practices and keen observation."

Adjacent to the horse barn property we also have a certified organic dairy farm on Latimer Road. The farm has been certified since 1996 and includes the main farm property directly beside the horse barn as well as a separate property and barn for heifers and beef cows farther up the road, along with other land in Inverary. 

The horse barn benefits greatly from having Sonset Farm directly beside us. Our fields are in a 7 year crop rotation that results in excellent quality hay that is then cut and baled efficiently and stored inside within 3 days with the equipment from the dairy farm. All our hay feeding, snow blowing and other tractor work are done by safe and reliable machinery that wouldn't otherwise be available to us. The property being adjacent also allows lots of land for hacking with tractor paths in the fields and paths through the woods.

Sonset Farm produces milk that is shipped to the Organic Meadow Co-operative as well as selling products at farm-gate

  • Pastured Pork, available by the side in spring and fall or by the piece year-round
  • Home-rendered lard
  • Grass-fed Beef, available by the side or by the piece 
  • Spelt flour milled on farm
  • Spelt kernels
  • Seasonal vegetables 
  • Home-baked spelt bread
  • Fresh eggs

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For more information please visit, call or email

Orrie, Andrea and Charlie Cumpson

4403 Latimer Road   Inverary On      K0H 1X0 

613 353 2260

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